When To End The Coverage Of Newtown

newtown-ribbonAfter midnight going into the early hours of today I drove the 10 minute drive from Danbury to Newtown.

Actually it’s a trip I make at this time every year, going to some of the smaller towns around Danbury to see the Christmas lights on display.

But I normally don’t go in the wee hours of the morning as I did today.

Going at that time today was for selfish reasons.

I wanted to go to the Sandy Hook part of Newtown to pay my respects and do so without the media around. I’ve more than had my 15 minutes of fame in life, I don’t need anymore particularly when doing something so personal and private. Continue reading


Support And #PrayersForNewtown

I just wanted to say thanks to the many FB friends, fellow bloggers, writers and those in the media, family members and others from around the country and indeed around the world who have sent me either privately through FB messages or email their condolences for what has happened in Sandy Hook.

My hometown (and current residence) of Danbury and the area has yet again been put on the map these past couple of days and not for the often good we find here in one of the best places to grow up and live.

Friday, I as everyone else sat stunned watching the news reports of what was transpiring just a short 10 minutes or so away from where I live. While as far as I know, I don’t know any of the victims or families affected by this act of Evil but some folks I work with do.

As you can imagine it is the talk of our area with complete strangers when talking about it, including myself, start to tear up during the conversations.

Last night when I was on my hour break and sitting at Donut Dunkins having a cup of coffee this whole situation took on a surreal element when it was reported President Obama was coming to Newtown this evening.

As some (or many know) many years ago I worked in the local media here in Danbury.

Last night one of the now editiors of Hearst Newspapers (which owns our local paper) who I have known for years happened to stop into the retail store where I’m working and as it was slow we talked about what happened and also talked about it from journalists’ POV.

As I said to my co-workers Friday evening I said to him, I, for the first time, was glad I wasn’t currently working in our local media as I’m sure from one extent or another, whether on scene or in the studio as anchor or producer I would be involved with the coverage.

So many lost, so many good people, so many babies, so many now scarred for the rest of their life.

If any good has come from this, just as with 9/11 when so many people in our area were lost or affected, this tragedy has once again brought our immediate communities together.

It funny how when I was a kid so many years ago it seemed just like when my Dad was a kid you “knew everyone”. Today because the greater Danbury area has grown so much since then in population you may not know everyone anymore but that doesn’t prevent you from not feeling empathy for strangers.

As I wrote in a posting in this link we are not seperated by city or town lines or boundaries. At this given time we are all one … one very large and grieving family.