Two Iraqi Journalists The Latest Journalists Killed In Syrian Civil War

Two Iraqi journalists have been killed in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Falah Taha and Ali Juburi al-Kaabi were killed Saturday according to news reports and the website CPJ.

Taha who was a freelance journalist for several Iraq news agencies was reported killed while covering the conflict between government forces and the Free Syrian Army.

al-Kaabi was the editor-in-chief for Al-Zawraa a weekly paper based in Baghdad and was attacked by gunman.

Reports said both men were killed in Jaramana a suburb of Damascus and that they had both bullet and knife wounds in their bodies. The men were not together when they were killed nor in the same part of the city according to reports, some of which are conflicting from news sources and officials.

While it’s believed Taha was killed in cross-fire,  al-Kaabi is reported to have been killed by an as yet to be identified group of masked men. It is not known if al-Kaabi was singled out because he was a journalist or an Iraqi.

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