Documentary Reportero Showcases The Struggles Of Journalists

Yesterday (Sunday July 1) Mexico held elections with the apparent winner being Enrique Peña Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party or IPR, the former ruling party of Mexico.

According to Fox News Latino, Repeating a popular belief of many Peña Nieto supporters, Martha Trejo, 37, of Tampico said, “He’ll stabilize the cartels. He’ll negotiate so they don’t hurt innocents.”

Peña Nieto in his victory speech vowed he won’t make pacts with organized crime, but rather will focus on curbing violence.

But how will a new administration handle the escalating rise in crime and murder by drug cartels who have murdered tens of thousands including Mexican journalists who dare cover Mexican organized crime ?

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Authorities Say Two Journalists Killed In Robbery Not By Drug Cartels

As was reported here in September two female Mexican journalists had been found murdered and the bodies of Ana María Yarce Viveros the founder of the weekly magazine Contralínea and Rocio González Trápaga who was a freelance journalist and use to work for Televisa were found in a Mexico City park on September 1. With the murders and disappearance of 80 journalists since 2000 believed by many at the hands of drug cartels, reporters and others presumed Viveros and Trápaga had suffered the same fate. However Mexican prosecuters have charged two with a third possibly under arrest for the murders during a robbery as reported by the website Reporters Without Borders in this update of a previous posting.

Two men – Oscar Yair Quiñones Emmer (29) and Lázaro Hernández Ángeles (26) – were arrested on 30 September and 1 October suspected of killing journalists Ana María Marcela Yarce Viveros and Rocío González Trápaga.

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