Three Mexican News Outlets Come Under Attack By Armed Assailants

Today CPJ has reported the attack of three news outlets in Northern Mexico all occuring on Tuesday (July 10).

Two of the attacks were against weekly supplements of the daily El Norte based in the city of Monterrey. The paper said both supplements cover local social events. La Silla, located to the south of the city, was hit by an explosive device at around 4:30 a.m., which damaged the front of the building, according to news reports. La Silla has been attacked four times since 2006, according to the daily Vanguardia. Around 4 p.m., unidentified gunmen fired upon the offices of Linda Vista, located to the north of the city, according to news reports. The assailants also threw a grenade at the building, which damaged its façade and some windows, the reports said.

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Documentary Reportero Showcases The Struggles Of Journalists

Yesterday (Sunday July 1) Mexico held elections with the apparent winner being Enrique Peña Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party or IPR, the former ruling party of Mexico.

According to Fox News Latino, Repeating a popular belief of many Peña Nieto supporters, Martha Trejo, 37, of Tampico said, “He’ll stabilize the cartels. He’ll negotiate so they don’t hurt innocents.”

Peña Nieto in his victory speech vowed he won’t make pacts with organized crime, but rather will focus on curbing violence.

But how will a new administration handle the escalating rise in crime and murder by drug cartels who have murdered tens of thousands including Mexican journalists who dare cover Mexican organized crime ?

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