When To End The Coverage Of Newtown

newtown-ribbonAfter midnight going into the early hours of today I drove the 10 minute drive from Danbury to Newtown.

Actually it’s a trip I make at this time every year, going to some of the smaller towns around Danbury to see the Christmas lights on display.

But I normally don’t go in the wee hours of the morning as I did today.

Going at that time today was for selfish reasons.

I wanted to go to the Sandy Hook part of Newtown to pay my respects and do so without the media around. I’ve more than had my 15 minutes of fame in life, I don’t need anymore particularly when doing something so personal and private. Continue reading


Reporting From The War Zone – Reporters Cover Gaza And Israel

Decades after Edward R. Murrow covered the London Blitz live for CBS News radio listeners again journalists are putting themselves in harms way as they cover the rocket attacks from Gaza and counter-attacks from Israel.

Reporters from every news service, as is now standard, from around the world are covering the event.

But not just reporters who names and faces you would most likely not recognize but high-profile reporters and news anchors which we bring into our home everyday and evening.

Some may say they have a death wish, while others label this type of coverage as a call to arms even for the most highly paid of journalists.

It takes a special kind of journalist and news organization who put their most precious news commodities in the middle of war.

It’s not about ego, they after all could opt out of covering these events.

It is all about being what they are, whether currently anchoring a desk or covering a beat.

They are journalists first with their high-profile image coming in a very distance second.

Godspeed to all those who cover war, and to those who have given their life while doing so.