Journalist Amber Lyon Accuses CNN Of Profit And Iran Propaganda

This writer is not one of those who believes in conspiracy theories, anything but in fact, however what award winning journalist Amber Lyon is accusing CNN International of frankly doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve often defended over the years having worked in a newsroom that, for the most part editorial and news content as offered by the news media is straight forward with little bias.

However all that has changed over the years what with the advent of cable news channels which often become mass talking heads for one political side or the other such as MSNBC and Fox News.

CNN seemed to contain some balance in its news reporting and choice of covering topics and news but even that has changed over the past several years.

The other alphabet news leaders, CBS, ABC and NBC long before cable news came along were often called out for presenting in favor of one side over the other in regards to politics,  not hard to believe as fact when many news anchors and reporters during those days, Dan Rather for example, would hob nob with the more liberal residents of the White House at invite only parties which of course the anchors and reporters always said does not influence their presentation of news and reporting.

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