Bob Costas’ Commentary Out Of Bounds

images As I sat watching the half-time show during the game on Sunday night I couldn’t believe what I was listening to much less watching as Bob Costas gave the American viewing public a lecture on gun control and without being original in his own words but using the words of a newspaper writer.

This the same Costas who has far passed his hay day of being a shining sportscaster, one only has to remember his lackluster performance during this year’s Summer Olympics, had decided to turn tragedy into a Liberal view civics lesson on American Society and guns.

Mike Huckabee, who this writer is not a big fan of, did put it right when he said on his radio program Monday, “Costas should go work for MSNBC” when it comes to giving a lecture on gun control.

There is a time and place for such commentary such as on Costas’ show or as a mouthpiece on the new NBC Sports Network, but during half-time of a football game is neither the time nor place to do so.

Many years ago what Edward R. Murrow said is as timely today as it was then, “Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar”.

Sunday night Bob Costas shouldn’t have bellied up to the bar.


Good Night Cindy .. Good Night Tony .. WVII-TV Anchors’ Unexpected Sign-Off

Dust off your resumes and audition tapes as there are two job openings at Bangor, Maine ABC-TV affiliate WVII-TV after its two evening news anchors said adios at the end of the 6 PM newscast Tuesday night and surprised staff, management and viewers alike.

Anchor and station news director Cindy Michaels and former station sports reporter, now anchor, Tony Consiglio told media they were fed up with management and the way news operations were being run and interference from upper management.

Management told local media they were on their way out the door anyway and have already received applications to fill the new openings.

In 2006 The New York Times reported the station manager of WVII-TV and also the FOX-TV affliliate WFVX-TV, Mike Palmer prohibited staff from reporting on global warming. Sounds like he still isn’t warming up to station staff.

Read the full story and see a video of their “take this job and shove it” sign-off at CBS News.