Journalists Need Help Overcoming Stress

12/19/12 – When I posted this article back in July little did any of us who live in or near Newtown know it would have so much meaning to those in the media who have covered the horrific tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Anyone who has watched the coverage can’t help but see the noticeable toll it has taken on journalists both in studio and on location not to forget those working behind the scenes.

Just about any journalist, myself included, at least once in their career is going to cover some sort of human tragedy.

I think just as with the public in general what is tearing at the heart of those who are covering this is not just the loss of human life but the life of those so young.

As I have said to many over the past days this is the one time I’m glad I’m not currently a part of the local media, as I’m sure I too would be covering the day Evil came among us.

Just as those directly and indirectly affected by this tragic event will need to seek out some sort of counseling so too will those whose job it is to report the senselessness of what mankind can do upon itself.

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Prayers For The Victims In Sandy Hook CT

candleI received a press release Friday from Mayor Boughton here in Danbury.

“The loss of any individual in our community affects each of us deeply. We are significantly impacted today by the loss of these young children and those who were protecting them. Our community will continue to pray for our neighbors in Newtown and for all those who have been affected by this tragedy.”

As the greater Danbury area has grown over the years in population a day like Friday December 14, 2012 brings us all together as one united community not divided by city and town boundries, nor race or creed nor country of origin.

Today we all grieve as one extended family in Fairfield County, in Connecticut and in the United States of America. Bless those we lost today, the ones left behind with insurmontable grief, those who responded to this horrific act but most of all those 20 little angels who now sit at the foot of God.

We can never make sense of the senseless.

We only go on as best we can and never forget the day Evil brought its shadow upon us and look towards the light of Good which always helps us in times of despair.

In Memoriam – those who we have lost but will always remain in our hearts.