Three Mexican News Outlets Come Under Attack By Armed Assailants

Today CPJ has reported the attack of three news outlets in Northern Mexico all occuring on Tuesday (July 10).

Two of the attacks were against weekly supplements of the daily El Norte based in the city of Monterrey. The paper said both supplements cover local social events. La Silla, located to the south of the city, was hit by an explosive device at around 4:30 a.m., which damaged the front of the building, according to news reports. La Silla has been attacked four times since 2006, according to the daily Vanguardia. Around 4 p.m., unidentified gunmen fired upon the offices of Linda Vista, located to the north of the city, according to news reports. The assailants also threw a grenade at the building, which damaged its façade and some windows, the reports said.

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Anderson Cooper Comes Out But Many Reporters Need To Stay In

Dubai, UAE – The body of freelance journalist Thomas White was found dumped on a city street in Dubai early Saturday morning after he was reported by colleagues as being kidnapped Thursday afternoon near his apartment.Witnesses to the kidnapping say a black van pulled up as White was walking down the street where he lived and three men rushed out, grabbed and put White into the van which then sped off.

White’s body was discovered dumped two miles away and according to authorities had been mutilated with a note pinned on what was remaining of his clothing which roughly translated to “no faggots in Dubai”.

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