The Political Election Process Is Broke And Needs To Be Fixed Now

Here we are again on another Election Day this time with a flashback to the 2000 election when at the end of the day we did not know who would be elected President.

Prior to that election of Bush v Gore not many folks knew of the Electoral College much less understood it.

To call that election a debacle no matter who you voted for is an understatement.

And here we are again with some polls showing a virtual tie between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, we could very well be looking at a long night if not days on end of not knowing who won the election.

Things have to change. This election process of ours has become not only a disservice to the candidates but more importantly to the voters.

First the Electoral process has to go what with the potential of one state having more electors than others swaying the voting process regardless of the popular vote.

Second we need a standardized voting platform nationwide, be it paper ballot, machine or electronic device.

Third early voting has to go and to be replaced by an extended voting period be it four or five days leading up to and including the official Election Day.

We should look at an overall election period rather than a day.

Votes cast early but which will not be counted up to 10 days after the official election needs to be ended. All votes including absentee need to be counted on the (if extended) final day of elections so that all votes are accounted for on that day.

Fourth the release of early voting results needs to come to an end.

The media particularly which slant their news presentation be it from a liberal or conservative stance can in effect sway some to think “why bother” or “we need to get out now” to change the overall outcome.

Finally, although the media has at times policed itself as to when to start reporting election results after polls close rather than relying on exit polls and reporting those numbers, which have more than one time turned around to bite the news media on their collective asses, rules should be put in place that official voting results will not be released until the polls in all 50 states have closed, which of course will never happen as that would mean for a good part of the country viewers will have to stay up later at night at least in the Eastern and Central time zones or wait until the next morning to find out who has been elected  POTUS.

We the voters deserve better and should be the real electorate.

There needs to be more accountability for a better run political process and reporting on Election Day with more emphasis on making every vote count and not slanting the voting process one way or another and putting “prime-time” advertising profits above waiting for all the votes being cast in the US.

If voters in the past before the invention of radio and TV could wait until getting their morning newspaper to find out who wins, then certainly we can wait until the polls have closed in Hawaii to find out who our next POTUS is.