Syrian Pro-Government News Crew Missing One Reported Killed

Al-Ikhbariya TV cameraman Abboud Tabarah * (pictured) is feared dead as he and several others went missing on Friday (August 10) in the suburbs of Damascus.

The news crew reported missing were reporter Yarah Saleh, Tabarah and his assistant Hatem Abu Yehiah, and driver Housam Imad according to the website Reporters Without Borders.

The crew had been accompanying an army unit in al-Tal.

During the evening on Friday the TV station had lost contact with the crew as they were returning.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported the journalists had been kidnapped by an unidentified rebel faction according to the story linked above.

However according to the Associated Press on Monday (August 13) a video appeared on YouTube showing all the crew except Tabarah. In the video the crew said they were being well treated and had been captured by rebel forces. A rebel spokesman who appeared on the video said that Tabarah had been killed during shelling by the Syrian government.

At the time of this writing there have been no demands for the release of the news crew nor any further information on their well-being.

According to a Syrian press organization, The Association of Journalists, 39 journalists and cameramen have been killed since the outbreak of war started in Syria.

Separately the Israeli website Israel National News has reported the following regarding two other journalists who were killed on Saturday (August 11), The Syrian state news agency, SANA, said its own reporter, Ali Abbas was assassinated at his home in the Jdaidet Artouz neighborhood. The report claimed Abbas’s killers were “an armed terrorist group” – the government term for opposition forces. No further details were provided.

Bara’a Yusuf al-Bushi, the second journalist, was a stringer for the pan-Arab satellite television network Al-Arabiya and several other international news organizations. Al-Bushi was a defector from the Syrian Army and was killed during a bomb attack while covering events in the northern Damascus suburb of al-Tal.

* there is a conflict in reporting the name of the cameraman. The article in the second link from the Associated Press is on the website Hurriyet Daily News which is using a file photo (above) from EPA News and is reporting his name as Abdullah Tabra.